Why you should get Union Wireless

  • If you aren’t a union member, you should consider getting Union Wireless for a variety reasons including:
    People from all walks of like should come together in unions to voice their concerns at work. This includes people from various work sections but mainly those catering for laborers, skilled professionals and technical workers.
  • Get Union Wireless so you can have a strong collective voice together with your co-workers to negotiate with your employer about a range of work-related issues including wages, benefits, working conditions and how a job gets done. Having your say collectively as part of a union will give you a better advantage of reaching a compromise and achieving the desired outcome.
  • This is potentially one of the best reasons. Union Wireless gives you the immediate right to insist on a safe work environment. Rather than having a petition do the rounds in the hope of a government agency to come to your aid, Union Wireless officials will instantly raise the issue surrounding an unsafe environment.
  • Union Wireless members tend to work better and harder than non-union workers as they have better wages, benefits and working conditions. They know that they are getting paid what they deserve and are respected in a safe and healthy work environment.
  • You have the opportunity of one day becoming a Union Wireless official who will fight and represent your fellow co-workers. Since this is an important role and job, you will be elected based on your personality and qualities to represent workers.
  • Get Union Wireless so you don’t have to tip-toe around hazardous work environments or unsuitable bosses who are constantly threatening your job. Although you are still likely to get fired for a poor work performance, you won’t have to thread in fear around incompetent managers. The Union will make sure that you will have efficient bosses who will treat you with respect and most importantly, who will behave professionally.

Get Union Wireless today to automatically be eligible for a number of discounts and benefits. These include but are not limited to legal services, health savings, financial services and discounts from AT&T wireless, car rentals, travel as well as entertainment.

Get in touch with a union organizer so you join force today.