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Many people who have never been part of a trade or labor union probably don’t know the benefits of being a member of one. Because they don’t know the benefits of being a member and how it can help working families, they also are not aware of products and services that AT&T can provide as the only union wireless company in America. People who aren’t part of a union or don’t know anyone in a trade or labor union are usually unsure about the roles of labor unions and the necessity of joining one.

Not only do labor unions fight to improve the quality of life of working families but they also fight to bring economic justice to your workplace as well as social justice spread throughout the entire nation.

Get Union Wireless so we can make sure that working families receive what they are entitled to collectively. A labor or trade union brings together a number of workers who will make decisions about conditions affecting your work and workplace.

Please help spread the word so you can help raise awareness about fairness and equality in the work place.

  • Spread the world each time you send an email.
  • Amend your email signature so that your friends and family are involved about
  • Did you know that AT&T Wireless is the SOLE union wireless company? Switch to AT&T and support that company that fights for workers’ right and equality. Learn more by clicking on and gain access to a range of discounts available for Union members only.
  • Setup a button or banner on your website and link it to
  • Share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms to raise awareness about the services of AT&T.
  • Order your copy of our “Tale of Two Companies” video and show at the next meeting of your Union local or other community organsation. You can place an order at
  • Fix your “My Wireless is Union” stickers on your AT7T cell phone. CWA members can click here to order stickers and other information.

Remember that as a union member, you will automatically be eligible to a number of discounts and benefits at including legal services, health savings and discounts from AT&T wireless as well as auto insurance etc.

Get Union Wireless now!