Who are we?

Union Wireless is a supporting union wireless company based in America with the aim of helping union workers gain rights to a range of work-related privileges ranging from better wages and work benefits to pension schemes, health and safety regulations to mention a few.

Formerly known as Bloom Wireless, Union Wireless developed out of a need to help workers who formed part of the Communications Workers of America to take advantage of the company’s policies. The union recognizes that the majority of workers are not receiving the necessary benefits or have access to a safe and healthy work environment. Get Union Wireless now to reap the rewards of being a union member

Together with other union members, Union Wireless has built strength in numbers by connecting thousands of non-union working people with union men and women who share the same goals and challenges whilst fighting for jobs, democracy and equality for all working people in a collective manner.

Over the years, we have won victories such as unemployment benefits, protecting workers’ rights, saving jobs for a huge number of workers from Kansas to Maine and expanding healthcare coverage. Together we can win!

Get Union Wireless so we can bring together and empower thousands of working families by extending to neighborhoods and communities. Together we can create great jobs, affordable health care, first-class education, securing pensions and so much more. Together we can be powerful in bringing much needed change so everyone is entitled to basic benefits and humanitarian rights.
After all, we’re the fastest growing union for working people and we strive to secure policies and priorities that will safeguard your present and the future of our children.


What Union Wireless stands for

Union Wireless operates on two main principles: One is to safeguard and protect working conditions and the other is based on demanding respect and equality for all.

Working together, people who get Union Wireless have the strength to win better salaries, affordable health care, secure pensions and a safer and healthier workplace. Because being part of a union has its advantages, members are more likely to gain access to pensions and health benefits.  In fact, people from minority groups and who are part of a trade union are already getting paid thousands of dollars more in wages than those who are not.

By getting Union Wireless, you will be joining a strong group that elects and considers officials accountable to stop employers from cutting wages and benefits. Companies tend to favor bigger profits instead of investing in its employees so Union Wireless aims to win improvements such as affordable health care for all.

Get Union Wireless so you are in a better position to negotiate over your company’s policies and taking reigns of promotions, job bidding and other aspects of the job.

Get Union Wireless now!